The One Direction star shows his ex Taylor Swift that she's not the only one who can master the break up tune

Who could forget the strings of songs Taylor Swift wrote after her breakup with Harry Styles? From ‘Out of the Woods’ to the not-so-subtly named ‘Style’, Harry was an endless source of inspiration for the long-legged popstar.

Almost three years after their breakup, it looked like Taylor was going to get away without a response from Harry..UNTIL NOW.

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A source revealed to The Sun that One Direction’s new single ‘Perfect’, which Harry co-wrote with band member Louis Tomlinson, is all about Taylor! What’s more, there’s even a lyric where Harry claims he was just ‘someone to write break-up songs about.’ Uh-oh – sound familiar, Tay?

But Harry is going to have to pick up the pace if he wants to catch up with Taylor, who is rumoured to have written five whole songs about him in one week after the pair split. Gulp.

While we can’t wait to hear One Direction’s new tune, we can’t help but wonder what Calvin Harris will think of the lyrics concerning his girlfriend’s past relationship. Do we sense a rivalry on the horizon, guys?