The cracks deepen as the fiery couple spend some time apart

Having just returned from two weeks on a luxury Mediterranean holiday, you might expect Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony, both 40, to be more loved-up than ever.

But their trip, which took in secluded hotspots such as the romantic Italian island of Ischia, wasn’t enough to stop the cracks deepening in their marriage.

‘First of all, the purpose of this vacation was to celebrate Jenny’s completion of her movie The Back-Up Plan, which basically took her away from Marc and the twins Max and Emme for almost five months,’ a source tells Now.

‘But when she was planning the trip she wanted to bring along a bunch of her friends and even her make-up artist. Marc didn’t want to fight, so he agreed to that and brought three of his own buddies.

‘It meant they had hardly any time alone and the two entourages barely mixed at all. Marc and Jen don’t do anything romantic any more and they’re constantly fighting over the smallest things. They really need time for each other, but it isn’t happening.’

J-Lo recently admitted that the couple have struggled to adapt to life with Max and Emme, 18 months, and that at times the marriage has been hard work.

‘It totally changes your perspective on everything,’ she said. ‘There’s nothing as huge as giving birth to another human being and having to be responsible for another life.’

With J-Lo now on her third marriage, friends say that despite all the troubles – which even led to her consulting a lawyer about the possibility of a divorce earlier this year – she’s determined to make it work.

Jennifer recently made an astonishingly frank admission. ‘How do two totally different people come together, make one life and say they’ll do it for ever and ever?’ she said.

‘This is my third time. In my other marriages, I didn’t try enough, which was immature and not knowing better. I’m old enough to know now that relationships take work.’

See the full story about Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and the latest pics in Now magazine dated 14 September 2009 – out tomorrow!

Danielle Gusmaroli