Jade Goody’s mum says she'd want him to be happy

Jade Goody would want Jack Tweed to move on with his life, according to her mum Jackiey Budden.

The couple were only married for a month before the Big Brother star lost her battle with cervical cancer in March.  

And Jackiey, 50, hopes Jack, 21, will eventually find happiness with someone else.

‘That was her wish,’ she tells This Morning. ‘He’s a 21-year-old boy and, you know what, it doesn’t matter if he got married again or had a child.

‘He would never leave [Jade’s sons] Bobby and Freddie. They are his two boys as well as Jeff [Brazier]’s and Jeff knows that as well.’

Rep Max Clifford adds: ‘Jade did speak to Jack about that and said, obviously there will come a time when there will be a future, and I want you to have that and be happy.’ 

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