Widower to have wife's favourite phrase inked on chest


Jack Tweed is planning to get a tattoo in honour of his late wife Jade Goody.

Before she died, the Big Brother star asked all her loved ones to have her favourite Bible phrase inked onto their skin.

Jade wanted her bridesmaids and her family to get them,’ says Jack, 21. ‘I’m getting the words ‘Call Me And I Will Answer just below my heart.

‘About three weeks ago Jade rang my dad and asked him to get one, he’s never had a tattoo in his life but he’d said he’d do it as he didn’t feel like he could say no.

‘But Jade was just doing it for a wind-up. She rang me after and told me and started laughing, she was still having a laugh until the end.’

Jade died on Mother’s Day at the age of 27.

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