Sylvia Caddock upset about chatshow legend’s comments

Michael Parkinson needs a serious talking to, according to Jade Goody‘s grandmother Sylvia Caddock.

The ex-chatshow host, 74, said the late Big Brother star ‘represented all that’s paltry and wretched about Britain today’.

And Sylvia, 76, thinks Michael‘s comments were disrespectful.

‘I’d love to give him a piece of my mind,’ she says. ‘I would love to wring his


‘If I could see him face to face I would love to give him a right

mouthful and a wallop.

‘But I know that everyone else is behind her so it doesn’t matter what one man thinks.’

‘She was so brave and she highlighted the dangers of cervical cancer to young women.

She adds: ‘I’ve always found him a bit irritating.’

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