4 Oscars, 55 lovers & 370 deaths, did you know these James Bond facts?


Deadly villains, sex scenes and top secrets – these James Bond facts are for your eyes only.

He’s an orphan
James Bond creator Ian Fleming wrote the spy’s obituary in his 1964 novel You Only Live Twice. In it, we learn James’s Scottish father Andrew and Swiss mother Monique Delacroix both died when he was 11 in a mountain climbing accident. Following their deaths, Bond went to live with his aunt. Sounds a bit Harry Potteresque to us!


Most boring name ever?
The character was named after ornithologist Dr James Bond, who wrote a birdwatching book Ian was reading when he created his superspy in 1952. He chose the moniker because he wanted it to sound ‘as mundane as possible’. Bond boring? Never!

The good, the bad and the Lazenby
There’ve been six official big screen Bonds, each with varying degrees of popularity. While Sean Connery is many fans’ favourite, George Lazenby’s performance is often dubbed the worst. The Aussie model was originally signed for a seven-movie contract, but quit after 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service when his performance was labelled wooden. A shout out to Daniel Craig for those tiny swimming trunks and Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan in their tuxes for making us come over all hot ’n’ bothered.

00 stud
From Dr No to Skyfall, Bond has slept with a total of 55 women. But it’s not just his charm that gets them between the sheets/on the beach /in the space shuttle – three quarters of the ladies he’s had sex with have tried to kill him, taking safe sex to a whole different level…

Everyone loves a Bond girl
The often scantily clad Bond girls are responsible for some of the films’ most iconic moments. From the oh-so-subtly named Pussy Galore, played by Honor Blackman, to Grace Jones’s eccentric and androgynous May Day, each adds a massive dose of sex, danger and glamour. Topping polls as everyone’s favourite is Ursula Andress, who played Honey Ryder in the first film Dr No. Who can forget that bikini scene?

Jaws’s sweet tooth
The franchise boasts some of the most sinister baddies of all time. Richard Kiel – a huge 7ft 2in – played Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker, although not so petrifying is the fact he could only wear his metal teeth for 30 seconds at a time and the chain he bites through in The Spy Who Loved Me was made of liquorice!

The near misses
Cary Grant was offered the chance to become the first movie Bond, but turned it down and it went to Sean Connery instead. Liam Neeson rejected the role in 1994, saying he didn’t want to star in action movies, but later admitted it was because his wife-to-be Natasha Richardson said she wouldn’t marry him if he became Bond. And spare a thought (and a bar of soap) for Robert Pattinson, who’s been described as too scruffy to play the suave spy.

Serial killer
Bond has killed a total of 370 people. Sean Connery’s You Only Live Twice is the bloodiest film, with 196 deaths. The most deadly Bond is Pierce Brosnan, who killed 135 people over his four films – an average of 33.8!

Adele bags Bond an Oscar
Despite being one of the world’s most famous franchises, Bond had to wait an astonishing 47 years between Oscars. In 2013, Adele scooped the Academy Award for Best Song with Skyfall and the film also picked up an Oscar for Best Sound Editing. Only two other Oscars had been won in the past – one for Goldfinger in 1965 (Best Sound Effects) and the other the following year for Thunderball (Best Special Visual Effects).

Gadgets galore
From explosive toothpaste and jetpacks to deadly prosthetic arms and man-eating couches, there’s no gadget too ridiculous for technical wizard Q to invent
for Bond. But a special mention to the, um, carphone in From Russia With Love…

Pearls of Bond wisdom…
When current Bond Daniel Craig was asked what advice he’d offer the next man to
take on the role, his answer was simply: ‘Don’t be shit.’

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