Newly married Jennifer Aniston reveals a little bit about her wedding - but not too much!

We’ve all been dying to hear the juicy details about Jennifer Aniston’s wedding to Justin Theroux ever since they secretly tied the knot earlier this month and now Jen’s finally broken her silence.

The actress, 46, has said some pretty adorable things about the nuptials whilst promoting new movie She’s Funny That Way this week – but won’t be revealing much more as she’s keen to keep the memories to herself.

‘We had the beautiful luxury of having a beautiful private moment and I’m going to be selfish and keep it that way!’ Jen tells Entertainment Tonight. Awww!

The newlywed star is clearly thrilled that she and Justin, 44, managed to get hitched in such a low-key way.

Even many of the guests didn’t know that they’d be witnessing a wedding at the couple’s Bel-Air home on 5 August as Jen apparently got them there on the pretence that it was a birthday party for Justin.

During a chat with a reporter on the red carpet at the LA premiere of her latest flick this week, Jen revealed that the best part of the day was: ‘The fact that we were able to have the most peaceful, private experience and with a bunch of very extraordinary wonderful trustworthy – obviously – people’

She might not be giving much away but it was clearly a special day for Jen and Justin. When asked what the most magical moment was, the former Friends star replied: ‘There’s too many.’

That’s so sweet! It seems that she’s already got used to calling Justin her husband too.

‘I love it so much,’ Jen gushed about using the term for her fella.

We all want to know what Jen’s wedding dress was like and fans were sent into a frenzy earlier this week when a picture of what many believed to be the actress in her gown was shared on social media.

However it later transpired that it was a fake and it sounds like we probably won’t ever get to see Jen’s frock. Sob!

When asked about the much-discussed dress during an interview this week, Mrs Theroux firmly said: ‘I’m not telling you about any of that stuff!’

Ah well, guess we’ll just have to leave it to our imaginations then…

Whether we see the frock or not, we’re happy to hear that Jen and Justin had such a magical day.

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