The star’s pet is said to be suicidal – yes, really

She’s been linked to more men than we’ve had hot dinners,
but at least Jennifer Aniston‘s always had one steady male presence in her
life: her pet pooch Norman.

So it’s with a heavy heart that we report that Norm
hasn’t been himself recently.

The 15-year-old dog, who recovered from a
life-threatening digestive disease last year, went missing overnight while Jen
was shooting her new film Wanderlust in Atlanta.

When he was found, all was not well. Now he rarely wants to
go for long walks and he doesn’t respond to Jen, 41, like he used to. So, in an
oh-so-Hollywood twist, Jen took Norman to see a doggy doctor, who diagnosed him
as depressed and suicidal’.

Jen became seriously worried about Norman‘s mental health
after his disappearance,’ says a source close to the actress.

He came back
dazed and lacklustre and often doesn’t seem to recognise her. She’s concerned
this could be it for him and she’s devastated. The dog therapist said
Norman was depressed and that’s what was causing him to act oddly.’

Since the diagnosis, Jen‘s been inconsolable.The therapist
prescribed antidepressants, but Jen didn’t want Norman to be on drugs.

hoping she can coax him out of it herself,’ adds an insider.

‘People may laugh
at her, but Norman really is her best friend. She can’t bear to see him like
this, but he’s very old and she’s starting to accept he might be on his last

Poor Norm – and poor Jen!

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