Singer doesn't want fans to get emotional over family tragedy

Jennifer Hudson insists people needn’t feel responsible for her.

The American Idol singer’s mum Darnell Donerson, 57, brother Jason, 29, and nephew Julian King, 7, were shot dead in Chicago in October.

‘The other day this lady came up to me and got really close to me,’ says Jennifer. ‘I thought, “What is it that makes people want to … embrace me?”

‘I don’t like it when people get all emotional. I don’t want you to cry.

‘But to see that love from fans [is] one of the most beautiful things.’

Jennifer, 27, says her music career has helped her keep busy.

‘This is what I love to do, and I hate to sit still,’ she tells Entertainment Weekly.

‘I have been active for the past four or five years, and to be working like that and then to just stop and all you hear is the clock ticking … That will drive you crazy.’