Jenson Button and his wife Jessica Michibata were targeted at their home in St Tropez

Jenson Button has spoken for the first time about the terrifying robbery carried out when he and his wife Jessica Michibata slept in their rented St Tropez holiday villa.

Earlier this month, thieves entered the villa while the couple were asleep and helped themselves to around £1million worth of valuables. Among their haul was Jessica’s £250,000 engagement ring.

Jenson, 35, has now revealed to The Mirror that, chillingly, the raiders were just centimetres from the sleeping couple’s heads.

‘It’s scary stuff,’ he said. ‘It’s really not nice knowing someone was in your room going through your drawers 8 centimetres from your wife’s head.’

Jessica, 30, and Jenson slept through the burglary, and only noticed their drawers had been ransacked when they woke up. Police said the couple may have been gassed to ensure they didn’t wake up, but the results of blood samples to verify this have not yet been announced.

‘We thought it was strange that nobody woke up and also one of the officers we spoke to said: “It’s possible you could have been gassed”,’ Jenson explained. He also revealed that he’ll be taking extra security precautions from now on, saying: ‘It was quite disturbing. You are obviously going to be more cautious.’

Jenson first realised a robbery had taken place when he woke up and noticed a drawer open. When he got up to investigate, he said he saw ‘stuff everywhere’. Jessica hasn’t spoken herself about their ordeal.

On Sunday (August 23), Jenson, who races for Formula One team McLaren, will take part in the Belgian Grand Prix. We hope he’s fully recovered from the shock of the burglary and ready to drive at his best!

Jenson Button and his wife ‘gassed’ and robbed in their St Tropez villa

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