As Jessie Wallace splits from her toyboy, her sister says she knew it wouldn't last

When Jessie Wallace puts her mind to something, she usually succeeds. But she caused a family division when she stole her sister Danielle Mason’s boyfriend in August 2007.

Danielle, 26, was ‘heartbroken’ and ‘shocked’ when Jessie lured youth worker Tommy O’Neill, 25, from her arms. Now Jessie, 37, has split from her toyboy fiancé, but the sisters still haven’t spoken.

‘I knew Tommy was wrong for her because he cheated on me to be with her, but sometimes you have to let relationships run their course,’ Danielle exclusively tells Now.

‘I knew it wouldn’t last. It’s disgusting that she chose a man over her own blood – and not even a nice man.

‘If Jessie called me to say: “Sorry, let’s start again,” I’d put the phone down. I’ve been betrayed by the one person I should’ve been able to trust. She’s lost a sister and I hope she thinks that man was worth it.’

Danielle met Tommy while studying at London’s Poor School drama academy. She’d been seeing him for three weeks when Jessie called to ask about their romance. The next day, she called again.

‘It was like a punch in the stomach,’ says Danielle. ‘She simply said: “Oh, by the way, I’m dating that guy Tommy.” It was like she was talking to a stranger.’

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