Joe McElderry looks decidedly different in an interview on ITV's Lorraine

We remember Joe McElderry as the fresh-faced, angel-voiced X Factor winner from 2009, who beat off stiff competition from Olly Murs to take the crown (before being beaten in the Christmas Number One battle by Rage Against The Machine, but we won’t mention that).

He seems to have spent the last six years maturing in a big way – his appearance when he joined Lorraine Kelly for an interview this morning (August 18) couldn’t have been more different from the Joe we remember.

Of course, it’s not surprising Joe has beefed up a bit – he was just 19 when he won The X Factor, and he’s now 24 and sporting the stubble to show it.

He’s currently appearing alongside ex-Blue member Antony Costa in Tommy The Rock Opera, a musical based on The Who’s concept album Tommy, in Blackpool. The pair of them appeared on Lorraine to talk about the show, in which Joe stars as Tommy, a deaf, dumb and blind boy who happens to be great at pinball.

All that really matters, though, is that Joe seems to be happy with his new look – he posted a grinning picture on Instagram of him outside the ITV studios after the interview.

A night on the lash with bad boy Joe McElderry

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