Glamour model and her husband at it like rabbits

Jordan and Peter Andre are getting busy in the bedroom in the lead up to the Flora London Marathon on 26 April.

Were training for the marathon so were both really fit and having lots of sex, says Jordan, 30. You can go for ages when youre really fit!

I fancy Pete so much at the moment. Hes really in good shape physically and he has got a really ripped body but Id fancy him even if he didnt. He fancies me too.

Were going to try for another baby once weve finished the marathon. I want to get pregnant this year.

Jordan, real name Katie Price, also wants to try out another activity.

Im going to start pole-dancing lessons soon to give Pete a thrill, she tells The Sun.

Im doing it to keep fit but I dont suppose Pete will object. Hes a man, isnt he?

Katie And Peter: The Next Chapter Stateside starts on 16 April on ITV2.

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