Glamour model blames Spice Girl for feud

Jordan thinks that Victoria Beckham has a snobby attitude towards her and husband Peter Andre.

‘I feel like she might think we’re not good enough for her because she’s over in America now and has all these A-list friends,’ says the glamour model.

She insists that Victoria is to blame for their falling out, despite slagging off the Spice Girl on TV recently.

‘People forget that in her programme she called me vile,’ says Jordan. ‘That’s part of what started it all off.’

But the I’m A Celebrity star claims she doesn’t loathe Posh – and even hopes they’ll be friends again.

‘I honest to God don’t hate her!’ she insists.

‘I would actually invite her, David and the kids around to the house for dinner because I think we would actually get along.’

Are you listening, Victoria?

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Hannah Davies