Better or worse? How would you rate Josie Cunningham's new look...

Josie Cunningham, 24, has caused shock once again after posting a selfie following a bizarre new beauty treatment.

Side note: No, not vaginal steaming, Katie Hopkins is still owning that one this week. Click for a peak, if you dare.

The NHS boob job wonder has had her lipstick tattooed on after promising her manager Rob Cooper she’d give up lip enhancing fillers.

A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do ey?

Other than now rocking a permanent pout, the mum-of-three hasn’t had the best time of it lately.

In May she was sacked from a tanning salon after local yobs caught wind of her new job and egged the store. The manager of the shop wrote online: ‘After yesterday’s press attention, we had our windows egged! Josie Cunningham no longer works for us.’

Shortly after her shock sacking, Josie then appeared in court over revenge porn charges, after tweeting naked pictures of her former fiancée during their love split.

And most recently, the 24-year-old has opened up about her return to escorting.

‘It was benefits or escorting,’ she told the Sunday people. ‘Since all the cuts George Osborne has made benefits are so low they won’t even pay my rent and bills and that’s more degrading than escorting in my view.

‘I didn’t want to return to escorting but I feel like I’ve got no choice. I’m just a single mother trying to provide for my family. I have children to feed and lawyer fees to pay. I may be doing something I’m not proud of but at least I’m supporting my kids and giving them the life I’ve built for them.’

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