The Big Brother winner has been very open with her surgical experience


Josie Gibson has undergone a rather drastic transformation over the past couple of years.

When she first entered the public eye as the bubbly Bristolian on 2010’s Big Brother, she was loving life at a curvy size 18-20.

Though just as bubbly, and still from Bristol, she’s since lost a considerable amount of weight through diet and exercise, and enhanced her figure with an operation to remove excess fat from her tummy back in September 2016.

And now, she’s shared a picture of the results – and what got removed…

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Josie, 32, took to Instagram to share her slender stomach with her fans with a mirror selfie at the gym.

Showing off her new, toned ab section in a crop top and slim-fitting leggings, it’s clear she looks fabulous – and she even cropped in a picture of the skin and fat that was removed.

WARNING: you may not want to look at this picture if you’re squeamish or eating your lunch…

‘So happy with the results of my abdominal plasty in September,’ she began her positive caption.

‘Scar is amazing and healing nicely..Elain Sassoon was my surgeon and she is an incredible woman. Thank you botch up bodies #plasticsurgery #tummytuck #abdominoplasty’

And fans have not wasted time in commenting on how impressive she looks.

‘You look amazing!’ reads one impressed comment, while others even state how much they wish they could get it done themselves:

‘You look fab x very envious for if I had the money I would go for it x’

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Josie spoke out about going under the knife back in November, and revealed that she’d gotten rid of 6lbs and 13 inches worth of loose skin.

Despite advice from some medical professionals to wait until after she has children to go through with the procedure, she decided to do it sooner rather than later in case the opportunity never comes. She told new! magazine:

‘I went to one surgeon and he said, “You’re 31, I’d rather do it after you’ve had children.”

‘But then I thought, “What if I don’t ever have any children?” They’re not on the menu. It’s like waiting around for a steak when you’re in a vegetarian restaurant.’

Indeed it is, Josie… indeed it is.