Josie leaves her man behind in Bristol


Now columnist Josie Gibson’s relationship with Luke Sanwo isn’t going well.

‘Last week started 
off pretty crap, to be honest,’ Josie, 27, tells us.

‘Living with Lukey has been like dating Victor Meldrew. He’s been in the worst mood ever.

‘But he’s finally admitted that something’s wrong between us – he reckons I’m not in 
love with him any more.

‘Problem is, I don’t know whether that’s 
true or if I’m just still peed off because of our bedroom situation.

‘We still aren’t getting 
jiggy and we’ve not tongued for yonks, either.

‘I was proper down about it, so I decided to leave all the decorating – and Luke – behind and head to London for a girls’ weekend.’

Read Josie Gibson‘s column Just Josie! in Now magazine dated 9 July 2012 – out now!


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