Reality star is proud of weight loss

Josie Gibson wants everyone to see her slimmed-down figure.

The Big Brother star has dropped from a size 20 to a size 10 and is now a qualified personal trainer, so she’s happy to show her new body off – much to boyfriend Luke Sanwo‘s annoyance.

Luke goes mad because I love leaving the curtains open to get the sunlight and I wear hardly any clothes,’ says Josie, 29.

‘All the neighbours know what I look like naked! They must all think, “What’s she doing?”

‘If I wasn’t worried about the backlash, I’d love to do a saucy shoot. [But] I’m a personal trainer – I want to be taken seriously.

‘But it was a lot of weight to lose and I’m proud of my body.’

Josie also gets into an argument with plumber Luke when she shows more strength than him in training sessions.

‘I’m fitter than my partner and he’s got a six-pack,’ Josie admits.

‘He thinks he’s fitter than me! He’s OK at the weights, then it gets to cardio. We are very competitive with each other but I piss all over him.

‘I break his balls when he’s got to do one of my workouts. It always ends in a row.’

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