Now columnist Josie finds herself in the middle of a wrestling match

Now columnist Josie Gibson and boyfriend Luke Sanwo were held up in the Tottenham Court Road hostage drama recently – and ended up having their own dust-up.

‘We were stuck in 
a traffic jam when some bloke cut us up not once but twice,’ Josie, 27, tells us.

‘But when we got to a set of red lights, he was making the blower sign to me, like 
it was all my fault. 

‘With that, my Lukey took matters into his own hands. He leapt out of the car, opened the other guy’s door, took his keys out of the ignition and chucked them into the street.

‘Before I could even open my gob they were having a proper wrestle in the street.

a punch was thrown but there were headlocks and grunting like it was 
a WWF smackdown.

‘I jumped out and started going mental at Luke.

I was ranting like a fishwife and kicking Luke in the shins as hard as I could, to let the guy out of the headlock.

‘When Lukey let go, though, this bloke grabbed my car keys and tried to throw them. I went even more mental at him than Luke…’

Read Josie Gibson’s full column in Now magazine dated 21 May 2012 – out now!

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