Instagram users were left outraged when former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham shared a snap of daughter Sophia in which the youngster appears to be wearing make-up

Farrah Abraham has been slammed on Instagram after posting a picture that appears to show her six-year-old daughter wearing make-up.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star – who recently underwent her third boob job – shared the snap of little Sophia taken for her school photo day.

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Captioning the shot, Farrah wrote: ‘#PictureDay #SchoolPictures Sophia is so beautiful! 1st Grade Photos MomMonday #MakeLifeBetterInAWord Blessed.’

But followers were quick to pick up on the fact that cute-as-a-button Sophia appears to be wearing make-up including mascara in the snap – and they were outraged.

One wrote: ‘1st grade and wearing makeup???? Im so glad my kids’ schools do not allow makeup until highschool. We need to raise our children to love and respect who they are the way they are, not mask it with makeup and sh*tloads of surgeries.’

Another agreed, writing: ‘I’m sorry, but a child in first grade wearing lipstick and mascara..? No child should be sporting that much makeup. What you are portraying to such a young girl like that. I never feel the need to try and bring others down with any sort of negativity, but Farrah, come on.’

Another posted: ‘You’re only teaching her she’s only pretty with makeup on. You need a serious reality check on parenting and life in general.’

Another added: ‘Wish she would just let her be a kid.’

But other fans supported Farrah, with one writing: ‘Who hasn’t slapped a lil make up on their child before. Mine is 4 and I let her wear a little lip gloss and some light colored eye shadow. To each its own.’

Another said: ‘Nothing wrong with this picture. Everyone back off. Little girls love makeup. It’s picture day. Worry about your own kids.’