Justin Bieber had a tough childhood in Canada

Justin Bieber had a tough childhood and grew up in a basement council flat.

But the teen heartthrob wants to use the past to his advantage and try his hand as an actor to play orphan in a remake of the film musical Oliver Twist.

‘That place was really dirty,’ says Justin, 17, of his former home.

‘We had mousetraps everywhere because there were mouses – uh, mice – in the house.

‘I didn’t have a real bed.

‘I slept on a blue pull-out couch in my room.

‘We didn’t have anything in the fridge, except maybe luncheon meat for school and macaroni and cheese.

‘I’d love to play Oliver Twist.’

Justin is now being considered for movie roles because his 3D concert documentary Never Say Never has officially become the No 1 concert-themed movie of all time.

‘PROUD of #NEVERSAYNEVER3D and grateful 2 the fans 4 making it the #1 grossing concert doc of ALL TIME!!’ Justin Tweeted yesterday.

‘Thank you thank you thank you to all those that did and are continuing to support #NSN3D around the world. #MUCHLOVE.’

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