Kate Hudson admits she had a childhood crush on Hollywood star Tom Cruise


Kate Hudson was once so obsessed with Tom Cruise and his willy, she used to rewind the video of him in movie All The Right Moves just to catch a glimpse of his groin.

‘I was just crazy about him,’ admits Kate, 31.

‘You can see his pee pee in that movie. Everybody can see it, it’s like a shadow.

‘I remember I was watching it, I was really little, and I was like, “Oh my God”.

‘I went back and I re-wound it…’

Kate, has also revealed her parents and siblings – mum Goldie Hawn, stepdad Kurt Russell and brothers Oliver, 34, Wyatt, 24, have never considered nudity a big deal.

‘I’ve got like a million brothers and my house is filled with boys so there’s parts flying around through hallways, all over the place,’ Kate told Graham Norton in his TV show.

‘We have an open family, naked people is not something we hide.

‘Like if my brother had to go from the bathroom to his bedroom, every once in a while, if there was no towel, you know, he’d just go to the bedroom.’

Kate has a son Ryder, 6, with former husband Chris Robinson and is expecting a baby with British musician Matt Bellamy.

She is auntie to brother Oliver’s sons Wilder, 3, and Bodhi, 1, and is step-sister to Kurt Russell’s son Boston, 30.


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