Kate fears little sister Pippa's book tour could spark further scandals for the Royal family

Pippa Middleton is about to embark on her first solo tour in the US to promote her new book Celebrate.

But while this is a great publicity opportunity for Pippa, it’s caused friction with her sister yet again as she’s refusing sister Kate‘s attempts for her to be schooled by Buckingham Palace to avoid embarrassing situations.

The Duchess of Cambridge, 30, is terrified her little sister might say something damaging about her or the Royal family, especially in the wake of her topless picture scandal last month.

To ensure Pippa, 29, doesn’t get caught out, Kate’s begged her to attend media lessons at the Palace to learn how to act and what to say when under the glare of the spotlight.

A source says: ‘Pippa’s been summoned for a crisis meeting.

‘It’s been decided she needs more protection.

Kate’s personally overseeing it and has asked Pippa to agree to some intensive lessons in dealing with intrusion; what to say, what to wear – the lot.’

Pippa starts her promotional tour this month, but after embarrassing her sister – the future Queen – in April this year when she was pictured in a car with the driver brandishing what looked like a real gun at the paparazzi, Kate’s taking every precaution possible. 

Read more about Kate Middleton‘s worries about Pippa Middleton in Now magazine dated 15 October 2012 – out now!


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