Kate Middleton AKA the Duchess of Cambridge has recently become a qualified expert in a hobby we didn't know she had!

When you think of the Duchess of Cambridge a range of sparkly, polished and utterly fabulous words will probably come to mind- the bouncy hair, the magical wadrobe, the fact its possible she is an actual walking angel.

The last Kate Middleton word that will come to mind is probably the word ‘fish’. However as it turns out this is actually very relevent ‘Kate Middleton word’, as the duchess is a very recent expert in ‘fish identification’… Bare with us, this is going to take some explaining.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambrige, 33, has recently passed her Advanced Scuba Diving exam as and has now gained an open water qualification in Mustique as confirmed by palace officials – princess AND mermaid.

During her diving course, which is said to have been located off Mustique in the Carribbean, the Duchess learnt skills in underwater navigation, buyoncy control, underwater photography, fish identification and how to cope in extreme depths. She is now able to dive to depths of 98ft.

And Kate will never be lonely during adventures into the deep blue- Prince William is not only already a qualified diver, but is actually the third generation royal to head the British Sub-Aqua Club, after his father and grandfather.

A palace source has said, ‘Diving is something the Duchess very much enjoys, and the Duke of Cambridge, who is of course president of the BSAC, has said in the past that he is hopeful his children will become interested in the sport’. Thats right, there is a very high possibility that royal family scuba trips could become a thing.

The chairman of the diving society is pretty happy with the newest (and probably most fabulous) member of the BSAC, saying ‘we are thrilled she shares [William’s] interest in the underwater world’.

It’s fair to say we suddenly have a very strong and unexplainable urge to put on a wetsuit.

Alice Perry