Brave Katie Piper tells Now about the painful side effects from having a skin graft on her bum!


Katie Piper was looking as gorgeous as ever at V Festival this weekend – despite having only undergone a painful surgery a matter of days ago.

The 31-year-old star hit the event in Chelmsford yesterday and channelled a summery vibe in a cute pink crop top and denim shorts teamed with black gladiator sandals. Yet incredibly it was only TWO DAYS beforehand that she was going through another gruelling operation on her nose.

Katie – who had a surgical device fitted to help her to breath as well as having a skin graft taken from her bum cheek and added to the inside of her nose – certainly wasn’t going to let it stop her from having fun though.

Speaking to Now’s Amy Brookbanks in the Virgin Media Louder Lounge, the inspirational star said: ‘I wasn’t expecting to have this operation.

‘I had a skin graft on my bum and it hurts more than my nose but I’m ploughing through.

‘I’m going to ignore the pain and have a lovely day today and then have a family day tomorrow at the zoo.’

Brave Katie – who has a 17-month-old daughter, Belle, with fiancé Richard James Sutton – has also managed to laugh off the pain at times.

The mum-of-one was giggling about the fact that her fella had playfully slapped her bottom – forgetting that she’d just had a skin graft there! Ouch!

Richard – who’s often known as James – has clearly been a great source of support for Katie throughout her latest surgery though and was on hand to take the before and after photos from the op for her Instagram followers this week.

‘I had surgery today on the inside of my nose to try help me to start breathing through my nose,’ Katie captioned the pictures on Thursday.

‘First photo was taken last night and my after pic just now in my hospital bed by my official escort/boyfriend!

‘I’ve had a skin graft taken from bum my cheek and grafted inside both of my nostrils to hopefully support and open my airwaves. Looking forward to taking some deep breaths soon- Boyf says I sound like a baby lion when I try now so early days at the moment!!’

Bless! We’re so glad that Katie had a fun day at V Festival after her op and she’s already been excitedly Tweeting about her family outing today.

Have a great time, guys!

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