Body dysmorphic sufferer Alicia Douvall compared her surgery and experience to Katie Piper

Katie Piper was shocked to read that Alicia Douvall had compared herself to her.

surgery addict Alicia has had over 350 cosmetic procedures – but not because of a shocking assault.

‘Referring to my ops, she said: “I’m the same 
as her but my attackers wore white gowns and I paid them to do it”,’ says Katie, 29.

‘A sufferer of body dysmorphic disorder, Alicia‘s obviously going through a tough time and regrets her surgery, which includes boob jobs, a facelift and even 
toe shortening.

‘But I do hope she’s never felt like me or experienced the trauma people with facial burns go 
through in the aftermath.

‘While Alicia opted for her surgery, people who get burnt 
are living normal lives until something devastating happens that traumatises them for the rest of their lives.

‘They have agonising surgery not out of choice, but because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.’

Read Katie Piper‘s column in this week’s Now magazine dated 3 June 2013 – out now!

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