The former glamour model, Katie Price reveals more of the harsh details about her husbands affair with her best friend


Katie Price has spoken out about how it felt to catch husband of two years Kieran Hayler cheating on her with friend of over ten years, Jane Pountney,  and it’s fair to say she is anything but impressed.

The 37-year-old former glamour model (whom was pregnant with her fifth child at the time) described catching the pair in the act whilst on holiday in Cape Verde to be ‘like two people had been murdered for me’, explaining still to this day she is ‘full of stress upset and pain’ because of the affair.

Katie decided to forgive Kieran, 28, after she felt he had sufficiently suffered her wrath and had ‘been punished enough’. The couple renewed their vows in March this year (but not before Katie, in true Pricey style, revealed all the gory details of the night she caught him cheating in a speech which was received by the very unexpected guests of the ceremony).

However it’s clear Katie doesn’t feel Jane has suffered enough of her wrath, as she has now revealed a death wish against her former friend- ‘I know this is harsh but if Jane could die in a car crash or get an illness to make her suffer and die from it, I’d be a very happy woman’. Yikes, very VERY strong words.

In fact the event has shaken Katie so much she is now seeking therapy, as seen in her latest show Katie Price: In Therapy. Price’s therapist has suggested that Katie’s rather… ‘unorthdox’… love life could be down to her childhood- Katie is told by Dr Claudia Bernat that ‘two dads and one mum is a triangle. It still exists for you’, in reference to Katie’s mother leaving her father Ray for another man during her childhood.

On a (much) lighter note, Katie has also expressed that she is planning to add more kids to her ready made 5-a-side-team, even if she has to employ a surrogate.  Well, at least it’s not all doom and gloom eh?

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Alice Perry