The Pricey's in another social media storm


You can always count on Katie Price to be the source of some form of social media drama.

And with a photo of her new coat, the TV star and mum-of-five hasn’t disappointed, as plenty of her fans have expressed their disappointment in her wearing a coat made from raccoon fur.

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Katie, 38, has spoken about her love for animals on plenty of occasions, with an appreciation for horses in particular. In fact, the image that has caused all the bother was taken while in the stables, prior to her husband Kieran’s riding lesson:

‘On my way to watch Kieran have his jumping lesson all cosy in my @popskilondonclothing coat and hat,’ she wrote alongside the picture on Wednesday afternoon (23rd November).

A quick glance at the tagged retailer reveals that the items in particular are made from the fur of the woodland creatures – and many of her 1.3million followers wasted no time in voicing their upset.

‘When there’s decent alternatives to wearing fur (& leather) there is no f*cking need!’ wrote one, while others simply wrote ‘unfollowing’. Oh dear!

katie-price-fur-2 katie-price-fur-1As if the response was not barbed enough, some also took issue with her face in the shot, with some fearing she’d ‘ruined’ her looks.

Luckily, Katie still has some people in her corner, who have complimented the picture and defended her decision to wear real fur.

One user writes: ‘She is a free woman entitled to do whatever she wishes if she wasn’t famous and still said she was an animal lover and then wore real fur nobody would care.’

She’s not the only celebrity who’s come under fire recently for wearing real animal fur; Sam Faiers received quite a backlash after posting a few furry pictures – but confirmed to Now that the items were faux.

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