Jordan is suing Pete over claims he told people the identity of the 'famous celebrity'

Katie Price caused a media

guessing game in September 2009 after she revealed she’d been raped by

‘a famous celebrity’ when she was a young model.

She refused to identify him, ringing in to Matthew Wright’s TV show to say: ‘I’ll never name the person.’

However, now she’s suing Peter Andre over claims he told people the man’s identity.

But in his court papers, Pete says Katie, 34, had admitted she couldn’t even remember what really happened.

His dossier reads: ‘[Jordan] has told [Pete] that she wasn’t sure that she’d been raped at all.

‘She told him she couldn’t remember what had happened because she and the man she’d had sex with had got extremely drunk.’

This declaration goes some way in explaining why Peter continuously refused to confirm Katie’s account at the time.

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