NEVER underestimate the Pricey - AKA Katie Price - this is one woman who is NOT afraid to stand up for herself


Katie Price never shies away from controversy, especially if she feels someone’s wronged her. We love her for her straight-talking honesty, regardless of what people think of her. But many of her exes can attest that they’ve felt her sharp tongue ­ and it now seems she’s unleashed her wrath on Danny Cipriani after the rugby star opened up about briefly dating her in 2011.

The relationship ended when she caught him in bed with another woman and Katie went on to publicly criticise his manhood in her tell-all autobiography Love, Lipstick And Lies, nicknaming him ‘Danny Chipolata’.

Katie, 37, wrote: ‘In my experience he was a bit ­ erm ­ lean in the most obvious departments.That’s why I nicknamed him Danny Chipolata. He can no longer hit the right spots on the rugby field and he certainly can’t find them on a woman.’ Ouch.

Danny, 27, who’s also dated Kelly Brook, has now spoken out about the relationship, saying: ‘When I was younger she was that pin-up – the hot girl of the moment. When I met her she seemed really nice and we hung out for a couple of weeks with a group of friends.

‘She was cool, but it wasn’t anything major and then it was written about in her books later on. I have no ill feeling towards that and it’s just how it is. But at the time it was frustrating.’

Needless to say, Katie wasn’t going to let that lie. But rather than dissing him publicly, she chose to make subtle digs that appeared to be aimed at Danny by posting inspirational posts on Instagram the same day his interview was published.

The first one said: ‘Never stress over people in your past, there’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future.’ The next said: ‘I sit back & observe every person in my life, whether we talk everyday or not. I know who motivates me & keeps it 100. I also know who talks about me & smiles in my face. I know who I can trust & who I need to keep a distance with. Whether I say anything or let you be fake, I know.’

Katie ­ who’s now married to Kieran Hayler, 28 ­ added: ‘My only goal in life right now is to be happy. Genuinely, intensely and consistently happy, regardless of what that looks like to others.’

Finally, she posted:‘You’d lose your mind trying to understand mine.’

It wasn’t just Danny who Katie’s had to contend with, though. She was back to defending herself again days later after she was slammed for setting a bad example to young fans by posting a picture of her super-slim waist on Instagram.

Posing with a weight-loss supplement, wearing just a bikini top and grey jogging bottoms, she said: ‘Luv it that @BooteaUK Bundle Box comes with all my favs, Shake, Teatox, Little Oats & MultiVits.’

Commenters blasted her for sharing the picture with her 570k followers, branding her a bad role model. One wrote: ‘Stop with the breathing in, it looks ridiculous. Do you really think that sticking your ribs out is a great inspiration to your young followers?’

Another added: ‘Really disappointed and not the role model for younger generations.’ One even said: ‘More ribs than boobs? Not really nice to look at, kinda pro anorexia.’

After reading the comments, Katie insisted: ‘I’m not perfect and not trying to be. It just seems WHATEVER I do people will always pick holes in me but I’m used to it now.

‘If my body was Photoshopped the lines would be bent around the cabinets! I don’t work out as too busy running around after my children…

‘Pick holes in my body all you like but I know I’m very lucky to have a body like this after five children and can only thank my mum and dad’s genes but I’m sure if any of you pose in a bikini you’re not going to breathe right out.’

As she says, never underestimate the Pricey…

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