Katie Price defends her son: 'Give him a break...you need mental help yourselves.'


Katie Price has set the record for online trolls mocking her 13-year-old son Harvey, who has learning difficulties, by revealing the full extent of his condition.

The reality star posted a photograph of a letter from the Great Ormond Street Hospital on her Instagram account this morning, alongside the caption:  ‘People keep picking on Harvey and about his weight and speech give him a break jeez so you know this is Diagnoses so if you sick people still want to pick on him then you need mental help yourselves.’

One hour later, she posted a further Instagram picture listing all of Harvey’s symptoms, writing: ‘Leave my son alone’. Harvey suffers from the rare disability ‘Prader-Willi Syndrome’ (PWS), among others such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

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Her posts have received a flood of support from her Instagram followers, with one follower writing ‘You are such a fantastic mum, Harvey is so lucky to have you in his corner! It’s disgusting how ignorant adults can be towards a child, my son and I have experienced ourselves,’ while another commented: ‘Harvey is a very lucky boy to have a mum as great, loving & supportive as you.’ We agree, Katie – you are doing such a great job!

The former glamour model has always won her fans’ respect for being honest and saying exactly what she thinks to the press, and this is no exception. While her son attends a specialist school for his condition in the days, she refuses to put him into respite care where he would stay overnight. She has previously spoken in interviews about her son’s struggle with disability, admitting on the show Katie Price: In Therapy that looking after him can sometimes be a ‘challenge’, but added: ‘I would never it change, ever.’

Francesca Specter