Katie Price wants husband Kieran to start becoming a star in his own right


When Katie Price met first husband Peter Andre in 2004, the pair became one of the showbiz world’s most lucrative couples, earning huge sums for joint photoshoots, product endorsements and a whopping nine reality TV series together.


But in stark contrast, Katie’s third husband Kieran Hayler, 29, has remained largely out of the spotlight since the pair first started dating in 2012. As Katie promotes a series of products, including autobiographies, novels and fragrances, Kieran can often be seen waiting patiently in the background.

A stripper when the pair first met, Kieran has also undergone a dramatic transformation, swapping devotion to the gym for life as a house husband at the pair’s West Sussex home. Kieran’s grabbed the most headlines for his infamous affair with Katie’s best pal Jane Poutney – exposed in 2014 – which she continues to slam him for in public appearances.

But sources tell Now Katie, 38, is sick of being the breadwinner in the relationship and has told Kieran that he needs to start earning his keep.

A source reveals: ‘Katie’s said she wants Kieran to become a celebrity in his own right so the burden isn’t all on her. She feels she [and] Peter made a huge name for themselves as a couple. She wants that with Kieran and has laid down the law that he needs to come out of the shadows and start earning his keep.’

‘Expect drama!’ Katie Price announces reality TV return with EXPLOSIVE new show

Last week, Katie revealed she was making a return to reality TV with her new show Katie Price: My Crazy Life. She said: ‘I absolutely love the fact that I’m doing reality again. There’s so much you’re gonna see!’

A source says: ‘Katie and Peter had great chemistry on their reality shows and she wants Kieran to come out of his shell and be just as animated and funny. She’s piling on loads of pressure.’

In February, Kieran returned to Instagram after a four-year break. In a video, he asked fans to follow his new account. But users online couldn’t help but spot the similarity between his post and Katie’s social media voice, accusing Katie of being the puppet master. One fan wrote: ‘Bet she’s told him to say all that haha sounds so rehearsed.’

A source says: ‘Katie’s behind Kieran’s Instagram and has told him what to say and how to promote himself. She knows how to make her man a star… It’s time Kieran went from house husband to household name.’