Katie Price is best known for sparkles, glitz and glam, but she's a country girl at heart


Is Katie Price starting a petting zoo? You’d be forgiven for thinking so if you’ve looked on her Instagram lately.

First came the adorable picture of Princess cuddling their new rabbit, and now, Katie’s hit us with a whole new avalanche of adorable with some new snaps of Princess and Jett cuddling the family’s new sheep.

Katie is bringing springtime to her Sussex stronghold with a new flock of lambs, that her kids immediately made friends with. Even little Jett got stuck in, helping to muck out with a cute pink pitchfork, while Princess got acquainted with a lamb in a cute video.

But the real question is, what animal is going to join the Price family farm next? We’ve made some predictions…

1. A sheepdog

katie price

Katie Price is the proud owner of a micro-pig called Bingle, but unless he has Babe-like qualities, she might need a sheepdog to round up her new flock.


2. A herd of cows

katie price

Katie’s business ventures have been nothing if not varied – she’s released novels, equestrian wear and her own perfumes – so we wouldn’t be altogether surprised if she branched out into dairy farming.


3. Salmon

katie price

OK, so salmon aren’t as cuddly as sheep, but watching them jump upstream all day could provide some good entertainment.


4. Bees

katie price

Bees have a certain furry charm, and there’s actually good money to be made in beekeeping. The potential for stings might be offputting for the Pricey, though, especially with the kids to think about.


5. Goats

katie price

Perhaps Katie’s planning a new venture for the lactose-intolerant with a goat farm? Goats would also be perfect petting companions for the kids.