Singer is proud of the bottom she inherited from her mother

Kelly Clarkson reckons she’s bottom-heavy.

‘I totally have no chest, I’m all butt,’ says the American Idol winner.

‘Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a bubble butt – I get it from my mama. Guys are usually like, “Oh my gosh, look at that butt!” In a good way!’

Despite her modest bust, Kelly likes to remain positive about her appearance.

‘I’m a fan of my butt,’ she says. ‘I like filling out a pair of jeans, because sometimes I see girls who can’t…

‘If a girl wanted bigger boobs, she could get them, but you can’t get a bigger butt!’

Kelly also thinks her female fans should try to accept themselves for the way they are.

‘Every woman has cellulite, I don’t care who you are,’ she adds. ‘Any girl who tells you she doesn’t have cellulite is a frickin’ liar.’

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Lorraine Crowther