Sue to be kicked out of house in 2010


Kerry Katona’s penniless mum will be evicted from her home to pay off her daughter’s overdue tax bill.

Mum Sue had the mortgage on her two-bedroom terrace in Warrington paid off after Kerry won I’m A Celebrity in 2004.

Since then, Kerry’s blown all her multi-million fortune and owes nearly half a million in tax. She now wants to give up her mum’s house to pay off part of her debt.

Sue says she’s been given until January 15 to find a new place otherwise she’s homeless.

‘I never expected that my own daughter would see me on the streets but it’s going to happen – and very soon,’ says Sue.

‘On top of that I’ve lost my daughter too. I know Kerry has to put herself first, but she gave me her word that I would never lose my house.

‘A few years ago she was bringing in £3 million a year and now she’s in a total mess, and I’m homeless because of it.’