Claire Powell pays rent for another month


Kerry Katona has not been made homeless – yet.

Claire Powell – who formerly managed Kerry at CAN Associates – has paid the mum-of-four’s £5,000 rent for another month.

Claire has done a very very good job for her management-wise,’ PR guru Max Clifford told ITV’s This Morning.

‘Conversations have gone on and Claire has agreed that the rent will be paid for another month to give her time to sort out where she’s got to go.

‘Obviously [Kerry]’s children are all in school down here and are all settled and doing very well down here so hopefully common sense will somehow come in to this, but financially she’s in a real mess.’

Max also revealed that Claire and her business partner at CAN Associates have had a disagreement.

‘There was Neville on the TV side and Claire on the management side, so they’ve fallen out and she’s [Kerry] is in the middle,’ he told Phillip Schofield.

‘The good thing is she came to see me last week, she’s looking really healthy, she’s really happy, she’s facing up to her problems, the kids are a joy to behold.

‘As a little mum you can’t criticise her for what she’s done with no help from Brian McFadden and no help from Mark Croft, she’s done that on her own.

‘She hasn’t taken drugs, she promises me, she had a drugs test in my office last week to show to everybody, so that’s the good news.’

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