Doing lunges in a VERY high-cut swimsuit with your bum on show whilst being filmed? Yep, Khloe Kardashian did that

We don’t know about you but whenever we go to the gym or do any form of mildly gruelling exercise we’re never very keen on having our picture taken. Because sweaty and make-up free isn’t our best look, tbh.


Khloe Kardashian does ‘thighbrow’ trend

Well the Kardashians totally don’t share this way of thinking. Khloé Kardashian has just gone and posted THE most jaw-dropping photos from a quick fitness sesh during a recent trip to St Barths and there’s not a drop of sweat to be seen.

The main focus of the snaps is Khlo’s very ample bum, which is clear to see in the reality star’s eye-wateringly high-cut swimsuit that she’s doing lunges in.

‘Get acquainted with my St. Barths booty!! Lol behind the scenes pics on my app now!’ Khloé, 31, Tweeted this morning with a link to the full photoshoot on her app.

Fitness fanatic Khlo writes about the saucy photos: ‘There’s no such thing as a vacation from fitness, so I made sure to schedule in a workout during my St. Barths getaway last month.

‘I went for a run in my bathing suit and Nikes, but while I was stretching, Joyce Bonelli (my makeup artist/BFF) and Hrush (my Armenian goddess makeup artist), kept urging me to do a little photo shoot and they just started snapping away lol.

‘Just a 5 minute shoot but I got way, way into it!’

There are so many things about this that make it SO different from how we work out (running in a bathing suit, anyone?) and it’s led us to the conclusion that the Kardashians have their whole own otherworldly approach to fitness.

Here’s 6 other times the family got a sweat on in ways we’ll never be able to achieve…

1. Kim’s selfie-taking hike

Look at how glowing Kim is in the impromptu photo shoot she did during a trek with mum Kris Jenner! Okay, so she was pregnant when it was taken, but still.

2. Kylie’s workout bra

So whilst we strap on our oh-so-attractive (not) sports bra, Kylie’s working major cleavage in what appears to be a push-up number as she does lunges on the balcony. Kyles captioned this photo: ‘the basic workout attire’. Erm, maybe for you Ms Jenner but not for us.

3. Kylie’s running location

You may have noticed the amazing view for Kylie’s warm-up sesh. Well if that wasn’t jealousy-inducing enough, she added: ‘I think I might take on Hollywood Hills now for a run. Gotta take off all this jewelry first #getpumped’. Our jogging is limited to the local park…

4. Kendall’s red carpet cartwheels

Yep, leggy Kendall gets fit by twirling those long legs about at promotional events, it seems. We’re not sure we can even do a cartwheel these days *sigh*.

5. Kourtney’s riding a tricycle in a bikini

Seriously, do we have to even explain this one? Riding a trike in a two-piece has never been a part of our fitness regime, sadly. But Kourt totally rocks it, doesn’t she?

6. A perfectly in sync sister workout

Getting fit with friends is always fun but we’re never in time with each other. Check out the Kardashian sisters though – perfectly in sync! Kourtney captioned this pic: ‘Sister workout sesh this morning in the rain.’ In time AND in the rain? Now that’s a Kardashian-level of dedication that we’ll probs never reach.

Watch the changing bum of Khloé Kardashian in pictures…

Anna Francis