Never annoy a Kardashian...

The whole Kardashian-Blac Chyna rivalry really heats up in the latest Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as Khloe Kardashian wants her brother Rob to be ‘CUT’ from the family.

The reality star is not happy with her bro after the 29-year-old didn’t inform the family after she they were engaged – and for aallowing his fiancé to say she didn’t want the family at the wedding. Yikes.

In a preview for the next episode of their reality show, mum and manager Kris Jenner says: ‘Did you see what she wrote about how we weren’t invited to the wedding?’

And Khloe replies: ‘Rob’s the weak link in the bunch, and needs to be cut.’

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Jeez, suppose that’s the divide really: some of us go on Jeremy Kyle to deal with these problems, some of us have threaten to cut them out of the family in a Mean Girls-esque reality show.

Back in last-week’s episode, the family were furious about Rob not telling them about the engagement.

Khloe Kardashian, in particular, was NOT happy with it all: ‘He proposed in front of her whole family. That’s so f***ed up. Rob is such a p***y. I’m not going to cover for him anymore. What am I covering for him anymore for?’

Kim Kardashian was also very angry: ‘I don’t care if he tells me, I truly could care less.’

That means she does care FYI, just don’t think she knows that.

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However, it was Kourtney that ended up defending her brother: ‘Maybe he thinks that you guys are judgemental because clearly you are… That’s exactly why he didn’t tell you, because you’re a b***h [Kim].’

Drama in the Kardashian house.

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