Kim and Kourtney Kardashian’s daughters, North and Penelope, hang out with a mermaid at the pool

Do you spend your days sat at your office desk dreaming about flipping your fins and singing Little Mermaid songs, wishing you were a mermaid? Yeah, us too.

And it seems like we’re not the only ones! As we all know by now, Kim Kardashian isn’t one to do things by half, so when her daughter, 2-year-old wants a little splish-splash around in the pool, what does Kim K do? Hire a real-life mermaid. Of course.

The 34-year-old posted a pic of a shimmering, splendid mermaid tail under the water, saying that ‘Mermaids are real’. Yes. Yes they are indeed Kimmy.

If that wasn’t enough to brighten up your week, she then followed to share a pic of said magical mermaid chilling her tired fin out of the water, while daughter North West and niece Penelope stood there chatting away to her.

And the two little munchkins were both wearing their own little mermaid fins too. Ahhh it’s too cute!

If you think that flipping your fins, you don’t get too far, you’d be wrong! Being a mermaid is some people’s ACTUAL legit job!

Yep, you read right. So people’s 9-5 is hopping in their fins and glide along swimmingly for photo shoots, performances and kids birthday parties.

If you think that sounds pretty swish, well, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. It takes a LOT of swimming training to swim in a certain elegant way.

We’re happy just to have some seashell hairclips for our hair to be honest.

Kim’s sis and Penelope’s mum, Kourtney Kardashian, also posted a pic by the pool as well. Although she might’ve missed the memo about the mermaid party, as she posed looking all summery in a tropical bikini and bandana, complete with slammin’ hot body.

We’re sure North and Penelope have whosits and whatsits galor, and thingamabobs? They’ve probably got plenty, but we can imagine seeing a real-life Miss.Mermaid beat all that and blew their little beautifully-bunned minds.

We have a special request through Kimmy – can we have a mermaid too? We just want to be part of your world!

Kim K – you need to slow down!


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Amy Lo