The superstar’s recent media blackout has affected her businesses

She’s created a global empire based on the public obsession with her life and last year created an app giving fans exclusive access into her world.

But since her robbery ordeal in Paris in October, Kim Kardashian has barely been seen in public and remained silent on social media. And Now can reveal that the star’s estimated £120 million ($151 million) fortune has taken a dramatic hit as a result.


Kim, 36, launched her official Kim Kardashian West app in 2015. It promised fans an exclusive mix of free and premium paid content from Kim’s life, including make-up tutorials, candid interviews and even live streams.

It’s where Kim announced the birth of her son Saint last December and released the first official photo of him.

Since the robbery, the app was only updated last week when Kim’s PA Stephanie Shep posted a note explaining that Kim was taking ‘some much-needed time off’.

Kim Kardashian teases plans for baby number three as she remains ‘in hiding’.

Data from app developers Appitized revealed to Now that in the top US app chart, the app has fallen from the top 30 to 885.

Director Jonathan Wilson says: ‘It’s a huge hit to suffer. I would reckon the app is now making less than 5 per cent of what it once did.’

Whilst the app is free to download, there’s a $2.99 monthly subscription fee. And it has continued to charge users, leading to furious tweets.

And with Kim seemingly wanting a more private life, will the app ever be the same again?