Kim Kardashian reveals that fertility complications have lead to a high possibility she with have to undergo a hysterectomy after the birth of her second baby.

After an open struggle to conceive her second child, Kim Kardashian has revealed another baby heartache- the birth of baby number two may cause the 34-year-old to get a hysterectomy.

For those who may not be aware as to what a hysterectomy is, it is a surgical procedure to remove a woman’s uterus- leaving them unable to conceive.

Speaking to C magazine, Kimmy explained that making baby number two was incredibly difficult for herself and husband Kanye because of ‘so many complications’.

She followed this with ‘I had this condition called placenta accreta. There were a couple of little operations to fix all that, so that created a little hole in my uterus, which I think made it really tough to get pregnant again’.

And it unfortunately looks like this condition is set to return. Kim continued, ‘They think I’ll have placenta accreta again, so if the placenta grows a little bit deeper than it did last time, then they are prepared to have my uterus removed’.

Kim, who has hopes for a big family, admitted that this ‘is a little scary for me…I think we’re gonna go day by day, see how overwhelming it is and see how the delivery goes’.

And Kim, who previously confessed her and Kanye were pretty much at it like rabbits in the hope of conceiving another baby, also touched on the effort involved with that type of high frequency *ahem* ‘exercise’… ‘It takes the fun out of it. I’m like, ‘I’m ovulating, get home now!’ He’d be like, wait, I’m in the studio’.

It seems this is not the only pregnancy problem Kimmy has been suffering- although the second is probably much more desirable. Kylie Jenner better step up her game, as Kim has been thoroughly enjoying a symptom she has aptly named ‘Pregnancy lips’ (which we totally didn’t know was a thing but it sounds quite cracking)….

And it looks like Kimmy‘s ‘Pregnancy lips’ (as Instagrammed by the star in the snap below) could be causing a 2015 baby boom. One user commented ‘I want to get pregnant to get the lips like Kim’…Slow down, Instagram user… Babies are for life, not just for lips!
Kim Kardashian and her 'Pregnancy lips'





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