So, what does Kylie Jenner think about Rob Kardashian's INSANE rant?!

Who doesn’t love a lil’ Kardashian drama?! Hey, we’ve even nicknamed it Krama- because that’s how much we love it.

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So, what’s the latest scoop in Krama?!

Well, it’s a pretty big-un… considering big brother Rob Kardashian has recently taken to Twitter to explosively leak his little sister Kylie‘s phone number, after she allegedly snubbed his fiancé Blac Chyna.

Yup, that happened.

So, this is the sitch- on Tuesday, Rob appeared to take to Twitter in a rage at Kylie. It looks like the dad-to-be has shared ‘Didn’t invite the Mother of my child to a baby shower you all were trying to throw for me ?’

He then appeared to add, ‘You all must have lost your damn minds‘ before finishing off the pretty shocking rant with the bombshell of exposing Kylie’s personal number and confirming that it was indeed ‘Rob Dog’.

Side note: has anyone, until this day, ever referred to Rob as ‘Rob Dog’. Please, we’d love to know.

Since this all kicked off, Kylie had remained notably silent. However, the teen Kween has now broken her silence- and in true Kylie Jenner style. Instead of rising to the drama, the 19-year-old has chosen rather to post a selection of pretty darn hot selfies to Instagram.

We’re taking this as a very strong sign that the poor ‘gal’s phone isn’t broken from all the calls she’s bound to have received.

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In the first snap, Kylie leaves her post captionless- and still managed to scoop up an incredible 1.9million likes. Hello Kylie Jenner fans, you only have to ask for our Instagram name and we’re all yours.

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Kylizzle also shared a few promotional snaps- because hey, nothing sells quite as well as a family feud:

The youngest Kardashian sibling also took to Twitter to share a tweet about her new lip-kit, Ginger:

So yeah, doesn’t look like Kylie will be rising to the dramz any time soon. And we’re a lil’ disappointed, if we’re honest.

Nothing like a good bit of Krama.

Alice Perry