A new hairdo AND a swish motor - Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday has already been pretty special!

Kylie Jenner celebrates her 18th birthday today and the festivities have already got off to an incredible start.

The teenager made sure she was the centre of attention when she headed out with family and friends in Los Angeles last night by sporting an eye-catching BLONDE hairdo for the evening – and we think it looks pretty awesome!

Oh and then her rumoured boyfriend Tyga only went and bought her a FERRARI – which matched the bright colour of her tresses! Best. Birthday. Ever.

Yep, lucky Kylie was seen looking quite overwhelmed (as you would be) when she saw the snazzy white vehicle adorned with a huge red bow waiting for her outside Boosty Bellows in LA.

The light shade of the stunning 458 Italia model goes perfectly with Kyles’ beachy mane, though it turns out that the reality star hasn’t reached for the bleach just yet as it was actually a wig.

Still, maybe she’ll consider lightening her dark locks now that she’s got a gleaming new $320,000 motor to complement a summery hue!

25-year-old rapper Tyga – whose real name is Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson – has certainly got people talking by giving Kylie such a extravagant present.

One fan commented on Twitter: ‘Me and @KylieJenner share the same birthday – unfortunately I didn’t get a Ferrari…’

Another wrote: ‘I get fluffy socks and pjs for my birthday .. Kylie Jenner gets a Ferrari ’

Yep, we know the feeling! As well as receiving THAT jaw-dropping gift from Tyga, Kylie spent lots of quality time with her family and friends whilst out celebrating her 18th last night.

The teen star posed for a cute Instagram photo with several of her loved ones, including dad Caitlyn Jenner and sister Kendall, and captioned it: ‘MY GIRLS. party night. #18@12’

Let’s hope they all gave Kyles their pressies BEFORE Tyga’s because, let’s face it, it’s quite a struggle to match up to a Ferrari…

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