How Kym's keeping tabs on her fiancé Jamie Lomas

Jamie Lomas is back in LA, but Kym Marsh isn’t letting him out of her sight.

With allegations of infidelity and lengthy spells apart, their relationship has undergone a tough time in recent months.

But in the run up to their September wedding, it seems Kym Marsh has finally found the secret to making her romance with fiancé Jamie Lomas work – excessive Skyping.  

The Corrie star tells us she’s been keeping a watchful eye on former Hollyoaks actor Jamie, 32, since he returned to LA to audition for TV shows.

She speaks to him several times a day through the online video – and considering the eight-hour time difference, that’s a lot!

She also confesses she’s even thinking about upping sticks and moving to the US to be with him.

Speaking exclusively to Now at the Inside Soap Awards launch party last week, Kym – who has a 16-month-old daughter, Polly, with Jamie – says: ‘Jamie misses us and we miss him.

‘The great thing is Skype. We’ve been Skyping four times a day.

Polly can’t wait to see Jamie and he can’t wait to see her.

‘She kisses him all the time on screen and says: “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.”‘

But Kym, 36, admits that being apart has been hard for the couple, who’ve been together for four years.

They’ve already weathered the heartache of the death of newborn son Archie in 2009 and a trial separation later that year.

In January there were further rumours they’d hit a rocky patch when Kym was seen without her engagement ring while he was in LA.

And in April, just weeks after he returned home, she was hit by allegations that Jamie cheated on her in a Leeds hotel room by kissing care worker Katie Moores, 26.

Jamie was away at the start of the year for three months and that was quite a long time,’ she sighs.

‘You just kind of get on with it. Lots of men go away and work on oil rigs – it’s just this sounds a bit more glam!

Jamie’s doing really well, though. He’s had meetings with Fox and Universal. They really like him there.’

Kym’s always said she loves Coronation Street and her life in the UK too much to leave and in May she was rumoured to have signed a three-year, £500,000 contract to stay on in the soap.

But now she seems to have softened and says, if needs be, she’d fly out to be by Jamie’s side.

‘I wouldn’t move permanently and neither would Jamie,’ she says. ‘But if he has to be out there for a few months at a time, then so be it. We’ll just keep going to and fro. It’ll be great – nice holidays!’

Read more about Kym Marsh and Jamie Lomas in Now magazine dated 23 July 2012 – out now!



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