'X-rated' - that's how former TOWIE star Lauren Goodger describes what happens in the bedroom between her and boyfriend Jake McLean!

We’ve know all about her ‘misshapen boobs’ and the ups and downs of her battle with her weight, so it’s only natural that we should know what Lauren Goodger gets up to in the bedroom too.

And, thanks to her latest interview, we do.

The former TOWIE star has opened up about her sex life with boyfriend Jake McLean, describing it as ‘X-rated’ – oo-er!

Speaking to Closer magazine, Lauren revealed: “Anything I say about our sex life is X-rated, as in too rude to print.’

She went on to reveal that Jake likes his lady in fancy pants, saying: ‘Jake bought me £500 worth of underwear from Agent Provocateur.

‘It makes you feel great. But with Jake whatever I wear isn’t on for long.’

Umm, TMI much?

Jake also chimed in on the recently reunited couple‘s bedroom antics, revealing his favourite party of Lauren’s body – and it’s not what you might think.

The 26 year old said: ‘Sex is all part of a healthy relationship, especially when you’re young.

‘Lauren’s body is amazing but my favourite part is her eyes they’re bright blue.’

Aww, that’s actually quite sweet!

It’s not the first time that Lauren has overshared when it comes to how her and Jake get their kicks.

Last month she shared an intimate snap of herself kissing her man’s FEET.

The picture was originally shared by Jake himself, who posted: Strange girl.. Loves the stinky smell of my bub feets.’

To make matters worse, he added the hashtag ‘#aftergymaswell.’ Eww!

But it’s not just the sexy stuff that Jake does for Lauren – he also does good things for her soul, too.

Posting on Instagram recently, Lauren wrote: ‘Be w/ someone who will take care of you. Not materialistically, but take care of ur soul, ur wellbeing, ur heart, & everything that’s you [sic].’

And it seems that she’s found that person in Jake. The pair broke up last December, but rekindled their romance in May, and have been pretty much inseparable ever since.

You guys!

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