It's been a stressful time for One Direction lately, with Zayn Malik quitting and Louis Tomlinson set to become a father, and Liam reckons they need to chill out

There comes a time when we all need to chill out, flop on our beds and forget the world exists, and even One Direction aren’t immune to feeling a bit ‘meh’.

In a recent interview with Free Radio, Liam Payne sounded a bit knackered, saying: ‘You know, I think everyone needs a little bit of a break now, and a sit down and a stop, to kind of take in all the great things that’ve happened.’

And what things could the Payno be talking about? Well, there’s that little thing that happened back in March when Zayn Malik quit the band, breaking the hearts of millions of Directioners. Then came the news of Louis Tomlinson‘s impending fatherhood. Yep, it’s all been a bit hectic in the 1D camp of late, so we can’t blame the boys for wanting some time out.

BUT – there’s always a but – Liam’s comments are a bit different to what he told Bang Showbiz a couple of months ago.

‘We won’t be going anywhere for a while, so I don’t know where that’s brewed from,’ he said, around the time of Zayn’s exit.

So why the sudden change of heart? Could this be the beginning of the end for One Direction? Liam certainly sounded like he had a few other things in the pipeline, telling the host: ‘I’ve been writing a lot on the road at the moment, not for me, just for other people, I’ve been…trying to get into the producing side of it which is pretty cool.’

Oh, not you as well, Liam! Earlier this year, there was a rumour doing the rounds that Harry Styles was secretly writing songs under the moniker Mick Greenberg, so we’re wondering if Liam Payne also has an old-man-sounding alias he’s penning some tunes under.

Don’t worry, though – One Direction aren’t going anywhere yet. They’re touring the world on their On The Road Again tour until November, and have their fifth album due out at the end of the year. So, er, when are you having that break, guys?

Watch One Direction insist they’re not going anywhere below.

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