Singer can now finish off her new record


Lily Allen has been granted a visa to work on her album in America.

The singer, 22, is said to have undergone months of drugs tests and surveillance.

‘She felt like Big Brother was constantly watching her – it was freaky,’ a source tells the Daily Mirror.

‘Lily had to have her pee regularly checked and then blood tests on top to prove she wasn’t on drugs before the US government would give her a working visa.

‘She even started staying in instead of going out clubbing, in case certain people got the wrong idea.’

Lily, who got the visa last week, is chuffed.

‘So, they let me in,’ she writes on her MySpace blog. ‘Hello America, it’s nice to be back.

‘Immigration was funny. They only kept me for an hour or so. I don’t think all the businessmen liked us very much, some pink haired weirdo… ha ha.’