'Nerdy' model likes breaking stereotypes


Lily Cole has admitted that she loved it when her naked pictures for French Playboy came out in the same week she started university at Cambridge.

The model posed for the provocative shots in 2008 and was pleased that it coincided with the beginning of her studies.

‘I won’t judge anyone for doing nude work,’ says Lily, 25.

‘The shoot I did for French Playboy came out the first week I was in Cambridge, a coincidence that I kind of loved. I loved the supposed contradiction between having a brain and nude modelling.

‘Stereotypes can be broken and should be broken. The pictures weren’t that big a deal for me. They were a bigger deal for the British media – they got an excuse to publish pictures from Playboy.’

Lily went on to achieve a double first in History of Art at the prestigious university whilst still doing modelling and acting work.

‘I don’t know how I got a double first,’ she tells The Times Magazine.

‘I just worked. I was away a lot because I had several modelling commitments, but when it came down to it, I was focused and that came from being very interested in what I was doing.

‘I have a nerdy side. That’s why I played Polly the geek in St Trinian’s. I just love learning.’

Anna Francis