Actress admits their break-up was a surprise

Lindsay Lohan says her split from Samantha Ronson came as a complete shock.

The pair broke up earlier this month after a year-long romance.

I had no idea what was going on,’ she says. ‘I just hadnt seen her in like, a week. She like, disappeared.’

They parted ways after Lindsay, 22, was reportedly banned from a party held from Sam‘s sister Charlotte.

‘The whole night was just really tough,’ she says. ‘It came out of nowhere.’

But Lindsay reckons things have turned out for the best.

When people are together so much it gets really difficult and you forget who you are because youre more concerned about being with the other person, she tells Ellen DeGeneres on her chat show.

I think its been really good for me. I thought it would be so much harder and it hasnt been.

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Alison Adey