Singer wants to aid women who have trouble conceiving

Liz McClarnon has revealed an ectopic pregnancy scare has made her want to help wannabe mums.

The former Atomic Kitten was rushed to hospital three weeks ago, but after several scans was told her Fallopian tubes were stuck together. 

She had an operation to separate them, and was given the all-clear.

What happened gave me an insight into how heart-breaking it must be to be infertile, says Liz.

Its the most natural feeling in the world for a woman to want a baby and it must be devastating when a quirk of nature means you cant have one.

The grief and sense of loss must be overwhelming. I only had a taste of it after my scare but it was enough to make me decide to become an egg donor.

Liz thinks helping another woman to become a mum would be a great experience.

‘Its anonymous so no one will ever know whose egg it is,’ she tells the Daily Mirror.

‘But I do love the thought of a child running around in the world with half of me inside them what a wicked idea!

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